Scientific Programme

Guidelines for Oral Presentation 2018-11-23T13:58:45+00:00

Guidelines for Oral Presentation


  • Use Microsoft PowerPoint™ version 2016 and save your file as .pptx
  • Video files must be integrated in your PowerPoint™ presentation in one of the following formats (.mov / .mp4)
  • Use screen resolution 16:9 otherwise we will not be able to show your presentation.
  • Please bring a USB with your presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint™ version 2016) to the technician at the Speakers Preview Room at least 2 hours before the start of the session during which you will give your presentation
  • When you use PowerPoint™ always use the option: ‘Font TrueType’

General Guidelines and Recommendations

Preparation Recommendations:

  • Plan your presentation carefully
  • Co-ordinate each phase of your lecture with your PowerPoint™ slides
  • Number the sheets at the bottom of the page, and have them in proper order and position
  • Avoid unfamiliar abbreviations or expressions
  • Your copy should be highly legible (ALL CAPITALS, for instance) double or triple-spaced, with well-marked cues for slides
  • For PowerPoint™ slides, contrast colour such as black background and white text usually works better.
  • Optimise the visual simplicity of your slides – use few words and avoid sentences
  • Try not to use more than 6 bullet points per slide
  • Leave out text you do not plan to discuss
  • Use several slides to cover a detailed topic that cannot be logically included on one slide
  • If you must refer to one slide on several occasions during your presentation, use duplicates instead of trying to return to the original
  • To coin a phrase, graphs often speak louder than words